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Every so often a product comes along that really captures your imagination. Which is not to say that we don’t love all our stationery here at Bureau, only that certain items stand out as must-haves and the new, relaunched notebooks certainly tick that box for me. The principle of these multi-purpose journals from clever Japanese stationery gurus Mark’s is to be a carry-all for your essential items. Thus around the notebook is built various features. |The zipped front pocket allows you to store your phone AND use the touch screen through the cover so that you don’t have to take it out. There is a opening for the headphones so you can keep them plugged in and listen to music and a pouch at the back is perfect for your Oyster card which also works through the cover – no need to take that out either. There are pockets inside for receipts and cards, a second front opening for a pen and of course, at the heart of it, a notebook for scribbling down notes and taking to meetings.

Having used mine extensively I can report it all works brilliantly. I can switch music tracks, read my paper and deal with texts and emails with the phone safely tucked in the zipped cover. If I hadn’t broken my headphones with the microphone I could also answer calls without removing the phone too. The clear cover allows you to read the screen just fine and offers some additional protection if you drop it as I often have, though best to avoid doing that. Slapping it down on the Oyster card reader seems to work fine and the top slot/opening means that you can keep a pen handy without having to open up the zip to remove it.

I have the navy version but there is a very nice pink-red colour, a bright orange and black or white if you want to keep it simple. I am taking mine on holiday where I expect it to revolutionise my ability to actually take a shopping list in to the supermarket with me. In fact just to have pen and paper on holiday with me at all will be a huge improvement – no more lists on old bits of cardboard or my hand!

Click here to see the A6 version

Click here to see the A5 version

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