Lamy Safari fountain pens – Limited editions

Updated for 2014

Here is an update on a post from 2011 and a re-post in 2013. The limited edition Lamy Safari fountain pens are an annual event and because even I have trouble remembering which pen was from which year and in what order, it’s a nice bit of housekeeping to have a list of them all. This year (about to sell out) was Neon Coral.

neon coral2014 – neon coral

lamy safari neon yellow 2013 – neon yellow

lamy apple safari2012 – apple

lamy safari aqua2011 – aqua

lamy safari pink2009/2010 – pink

safari orange2009? – orangelamy safari lime2008 – limelamy safari white2007 – white

lamy safari black2007 – black

safari blue red2006? – blue/red

If anyone has any more photos of previous limited editions, or even of their favourite limited edition, please do send them in and we’ll post them for you.

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