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Hello, this is Liz – remember me? New to the team?

Do you have a moment? Please read this, then go get a brew, and come back to click on the links because I think you’ll be online for a while… You know when an opportunity comes along, to support a charity and see your stationery being used in a totally different, unique, creative way to how it’s normally utilised? Well, that opportunity has come along for Bureau Direct. We are thrilled to be supporting the National Brain Appeal and their A Letter in Mind Exhibition, taking place for just a few days later this week here in London.

The idea is very simple. We’ve donated plain white envelopes to the exhibition and they have been taken and utilised by a mix of actors, artists, high profile architects and other creative types to produce something unique, using “A Letter in Mind” as the starting point for their contribution.
Screen Shot 2014-09-28 at 21.00.07And here’s the good bit – each piece of art is being produced and donated anonymously to the exhibition for the public to buy. Every piece will cost £80 and you’ll only find out after the exhibition has ended, as to whose artwork you have bought.
So, for £80 you might be able to buy a piece of Grayson Perry, Elisa Sighicelli, Natasha Kidd, Threadneedle Prize exhibitor Gill Rocca, Frank Kiely, Association of Illustrators 2014 winner Chris Haughton or RIBA award-winning architect Amin Taha. Or perhaps you might get lucky and buy a piece of artwork that that has been made by Sophie Thompson or Joanna David or Emilia Fox? They have all submitted pieces.


All the information on how this has come about can be found over on the National Brain Appeal website whilst the art itself, can be bought from Thursday morning. It doesn’t matter whether you live in London or not because you can buy the anonymously submitted pieces without being at the gallery.
I don’t think that the team have realised quite how amazing the exhibition is going to be – there’s just Dominic and myself in attendance tonight. As well as working, we’re going to be buying for ourselves and also, a piece for the office. So, here’s how to

a) Go and find out more about the Exhibition

b) View the artwork online so that if you feel like being in with the chance to potentially have your own piece of Grayson Perry / Elisa Sighicelli / Frank Kiely / Chris Haugton on your wall, for just £80, you can!
Please come and tell me what you’ve either chosen or will be trying to buy. I like the one with the animals and the word “Hello”…

Screen Shot 2014-09-30 at 23.01.35

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