#ALetterInMind – The Bureau Choice

After going to the opening night (well, afternoon) of the ‘A Letter in Mind show on Wednesday last week, maybe now is the time to mention the work that Bureau bought to support the National Brain Appeal. The question when you’re faced with nearly 250 different artworks, most of them on the very envelopes you sell each week, is how do you decide which one to buy? Do you go with ‘which one did Grayson Perry do?’ – after all, it might be worth a lot more than £80. Do you go with ‘that one looks pretty?’ – after all, you will have to look at it again and again and again. Do you go with the ‘wow, look what they did with our envelopes!’ approach? – after all, we did supply the envelopes as a basis for the artworks they produced. Or do you go with the one that lures you in with mystery and intrigue about what might be? Yep, I was a sucker for the possibility that lay behind artwork number 83.


What appealed was the potential for something unknown and exciting. It also offered an opportunity to become involved with the creative process and as an ex-art student that has its own appeal. Just last weekend I was at the very wonderful Anselm Kiefer exhibition at the RA and the familiar smell of oil paint hits me in one of the last rooms and took me back to painting studios and a world I had almost forgotten. Anyway, this ‘artwork’ also offers a possible story that will run and can be updated as things happen, so I will keep you updated.

I think that any so far unsold works will be made available to buy online, but I am not entirely sure how the process will work so I will update this as and when I find out more.

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