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Hello, I’m Liz Weston. I’m doing some project work for Bureau Direct at the moment and as I’ll be popping up in a range of places online Dominic and Jo thought I should introduce myself to you. I was a fan of Bureau Direct long before I met them for work purposes – #StationeryWednesday is usually the highlight of my week because I’ve been a stationery fan all of my life. Seriously – I still have one of the yellow pencils I used to do my GCSE’s more than 20 years ago.

And I have a shelf full of notebooks that are empty, waiting to be used. Some of them I’ve bought myself and some of them have been bought for me as gifts. I’m notoriously difficult to buy gifts for – think Rachel in Friends – and so the one thing that everyone knows I won’t return – is stationery! I can always find a use, a home, a purpose for stationery. It makes me smile, makes me feel efficient, helps me switch my brain off in the night when I think of something and write a note in the small booklet next to my bed.

I have used paper as a way to document my life since I was truly small – writing stories and ideas and lists in notebooks progressed to journals and diaries as a teenager. I loved them. Even at University, I had to draft my submissions on paper before typing onto the computer and doing final edits there. Now, I use my personal blog as a kind of diary. But there’s nothing to replace the feeling of paper, and committing pen to paper. It’s heaven.

When the opportunity came along to work as part of the Bureau Direct team, I seized the opportunity with both hands! I’m working on all sorts of different things with them – starting with a blogger project and also, on their support of The National Brain Appeal’s #ALetterinMind campaign. I’m starting to contribute to their social media as well, so please look for me there.

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Here’s some stationery related things you might like to know about me…

I’m a lined paper kind of girl – but not too thin and not too thick in terms of lines.

I prefer hardback to softback notebooks and I like them to be A5

I like notebooks with the envelope / stash place in the back

I used to be a diehard Moleskine fan, but am moving over to Leuchtturm1917 with a passion, because it syncs with Evernote, Dropbox and email in one press of a button!

I have two children who have inherited my love of stationery. The colour, write and document their pictures with surreal levels of concentration. I’ve trained them to do this in notebooks – it saves me having to put all of their creations on the wall / fridge and means we can keep them and put dates in, to keep their stories and pictures to look at again when the are older.

My current must have accessory is the Papelote elastic strap that keeps my phone, pens and notebook all together. It’s brilliant. Have been telling everyone about it. Repeatedly.

What’s your favourite piece of stationery at the moment? I’m always on the lookout to expand my collections, so please tell me about what you are loving in the comments below.


Reader Comments

  1. Hi Liz, welcome to Bureau Direct!
    You are a woman after my own heart!
    I love stationery Wednesday; it’s the highlight of my week. I am a huge fan of Lamy, Ohto Dude and A5 notebooks and have several waitng to be written in. I have also recently purchased a Leuchtterm notebook and a papelote pen holder which is fabulous but I couldn’t tell you what my favourite is.
    Bureau Direct are brilliant; I hope you enjoy working with them!
    Helen Burnham x

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