Shipping to Antarctica


We have received another order where the customer has mistakenly selected Antarctica as the delivery country. The reason is not so hard to understand – United Kingdom is top of the list followed by Andorra and then Antarctica. Loose fingers, casual click-wheel use on your mouse. It can happen and does. But it sparked a debate between Jo and myself about shipping to Antarctica.

Can you ship there? Who ships there? FedEx? Royal Mail? Is it seasonal? And if you can…will we ever see our first genuine order for Antarctica?

Has anyone had any experience of delivering to a base in Antarctica? Or better still, receiving a package at a base there?

Reader Comments

  1. It would definitely be seasonal as no planes fly there over winter and don’t think ships go down there either; the few who winter over are pretty much cut off.

    Flights to Antarctica leave from Christchurch, New Zealand. I believe they are US Air Force. I guess mail must go down too.

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