Mishka and Faisal team-up for a staff review. 

For our first team-up we have decided to look at ALL Lamy Inks and how they perform on different paper.


All of these 8 colours are available as T10 ink cartridges. Lamy cartridges are proprietary cartridges and will only fit Lamy pens. Interesting fact-each cartridge has it’s own ink backup reservoir, flick the end of it when you are running on fumes. Blue, Green, Red, Black, Blue-Black & Turquoise come in big 50ml T52 bottles. These bottles are designed to perfection – the UFO shape allows you to use very last drop of ink and it comes with it’s own blotter paper tape (use to wipe pens and nibs after filling). Blue, green, red and black are also available in smaller 30ml T51 bottles.

Here is a quick review of the ink colours followed by pictures:

  • Red- not too dark/saturated. Surprisingly close to Coral.
  • Blue- decent blue, washable, can be erased with Lamy Ink-X correction pen (handy)
  • Black- nicely saturated solid dark black
  • Blue-black- perfect every day writer
  • Green- one of less exciting colours, possible candidate for Christmas cards.
  • Coral- perfect match for coral safari, bright colour, no shading. We need this ink in a big bottle!
  • Turquoise- Mishka’s favourite “one of the best turquoise inks out there.” Bright, great shading ink. Looks ace on white and ivory paper.
  • Purple- Faisal’s favourite. Surprisingly good saturated colour, strong shading.

Let us know if you have any questions or if you’d like us to take more pictures of Lamy ink.


Mishka & Faisal

Macro shot of Purple Lamy ink on Rhodia R
Lamy inks on Quo Vadis Habana
Lamy inks on Leuchtturm1917
Lamy inks on Rhodia R
Lamy inks on Rhodia Dotpad