The Bureau 2014 Stationery Awards

The Bureau 2014 Stationery Awards

These are now the 3rd Bureau Stationery Awards – you can see the winners from 2013 here.

How did we judge the awards? Each of us (that’s me, Jo, Kathy, Kate, Faisal and Mishka) voted for our top 5 products, and points were awarded (10 for 1st choice, 7 for 2nd, 5 for 3rd, 3 for 4th and 1 point for our 5th placed choice). The scores were totted up and the results verified (actually the last bit isn’t true, but my maths is quite good). And so without further ado, the results are:

The Winner

Herbin 1670 Stormy Grey Anniversary Ink


Maybe it’s no surprise, but it was actually a close-run thing and it took one point to win the award in the end. It’s only fair that it did win though since it was by far the biggest success we had all year – each new delivery was bigger than the last and it still sold out in hours. Voted as Mishka’s top choice (no surprise there) but also voted for by Kate and Kathy. See more on the ink here.

2nd Place

Herbin 10 Ink Box Set

herbin 10 inks

A bit of a curveball this one. I certainly didn’t see this coming, but it was Kathy’s choice and also voted for by Faisal (who is working his way through his own set, ink by ink). Still, Herbin is proving itself something of a winner at Bureau so maybe it’s not so surprising. See more on the ink set here.

3rd Place

Field Notes Ambition Edition


Maybe less surprising is the appearance of Field Notes on the podium. The latest Ambition edition was actually very nice, combining notebook, sales ledger and diary into one set of gold-edged books. If I needed a sales ledger I would own a set… No one’s top choice, but it was voted for by Mishka, Faisal and Kathy. See more on the Ambition edition here.

Notable mentions

Kate’s top choice was the Lamy RubinRed Studio Box Set. Jo’s top choice was the Papelote notebook strap in new limited edition colours. Faisal went for the Crown Mill writing cards with the neat edging, and I went for the Leuchtturm Link notebooks.

And it wouldn’t be the Bureau Stationery Awards without a few extra gongs to hand out.

Jo’s Award – The “I don’t believe they have discontinued that” Award

Almost a non-vote since everyone has been so good this year and not deleted our favourite stationery from their catalogue. In the end it went to the little brass ‘bulldog’ clips from Marks which came and went in one week.

Kate’s Award – The “Not another one” Award

This goes to the most misunderstood product or offer during the year. It’s a variation on last year and goes to the CUTE code which is reserved for new customers only. The rest of you have to make do with the monthly discount code.

Mishka’s Award – “You expect me to pack that?!” Award

It can be a thankless task, when we’re out there choosing new stationery and someone else has to find a way to pack it. As if that’s not bad enough you lot then go and order a combination of things, like…say….a Herbin Desk Blotter with a bottle of ink. A logical choice you might think, but not according to Mishka.

Faisal’s Award – The “I can’t find it, which shelf is it it on?” Award

To explain, Faisal looks after our Corporate branding service and helps out with picking when his work load is quieter and the order picking is getting a bit busy, so he’s always one step behind on new stock and shelving. In his own words, he says “a Rhodia Hamper, or anything from the horrendous Rhodia aisle. I’ve spent days in there I will never get back”.

Dominic’s Award – The “How on earth will I photograph this?” Award

Funnily enough it is the same as my product of the year choice – the Leuchtturm Link book. I love the book and the simplicity with which you can upload your notes to your Evernote account, or email them, but explaining that in one photograph? Never did crack that one. Maybe that’s why this neat video makes a far better job of explaining the book.

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