Mishka and Faisal back together – J Herbin Ink Review

Mishka and Faisal back together – J Herbin Ink Review

For our second team-up we have decided to review J Herbin’s ink and show you how some of their colours look like on different paper. Mishka has inked up a dozen of her pens and Faisal took these lovely photos.

J Herbin on Rhodia white 02

J.Herbin ink comes in three different versions (disclaimer: not all colours come in all three)

  • 30ml D bottle which also works as pen holder. It’s worth mentioning that J.Herbin have mastered the box design and each box has colour coded top, so it’s easy to pick the right ink from the drawer.
  • 6 cartridges that come in super cute retro looking tin-these will fit any pen that accepts standard international cartridges. Convenient option especially for J.Herbin fountain and rollerball pens.
  • four 10ml Pick’n’Mix bottles cute ink sampling bottles – choice of ink is yours. A little difficult to fill chunky pens, so we recommend filling just converters or decanting into vials (Pros are likely to use a syringe).

Here is a quick review of few ink colours we had in our pens:

  1. Lierre Sauvage (Wild Ivy Green) dark, beautifully saturated ink. Good shading. Very popular choice.
  2. Orange Indien (Indian Orange) bright colour with decent shading. Faisal’s favourite!
  3. Vert Pre (Green Prairie) light green ink. Nice shader, but colour looks a little too watery on fine nibs.
  4. Larmes de Cassis (Tears of Blackcurrant) pinkish purple, reminds us of red wine. This ink is one of our best sellers.
  5. Lie de The (Brown Tea) one of Herbin’s best shaders, brown might not be everyone’s colour, but it’s a very pleasant surprise. Try it 😉
  6. Vert Olive (Olive Green) Mishka’s favourite! Fantastic shading properties – this ink goes from yellow to dark green. Name is self explanatory – colour of green olives. When ordering a “surprise me” ink, chances are you will get this one 😉
  7. Diabolo Menthe (Mint lemonade) this ink is too washed out to be legible, but works well for brush painting or as a highlighter ink.
  8. Gris Nuage (Cloud Grey) elegant light grey with purple/blue tint. Similar to colour of hard pencil.
  9. Poussiere de Lune (Moondust Purple) dusky purple ink. Impressive on both white and ivory paper.
  10. Ambre de Birmanie (Amber of Burma) warm colour of amber. Shines on ivory paper.
  11. Bleu Pervenche (Blue Periwinkle) nice shading, versatile turquoise ink. Another top seller.
  12. Bleu Myosotis (Forget-me-not Blue) interesting blue ink. Matches colour of hydrangeas blue flowers. Juicy ink, flows really well.
  13. Bouquet d’Antan (Bouquet of pink roses) pale pink, low in saturation, high in shading. Popular for love letters <3 This ink looks fantastic on ivory paper and in pens with flex nib.

Stay tuned for our next team-up.

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