Amazing ways to use a daily diary. Part 1

Amazing ways to use a daily diary. Part 1

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I came across this blog post via one of our customers, and thought it a wonderful if unusual way to use a daily diary. I can’t be sure what diary it is although it does look a bit like a large Moleskine day-to-page diary. I’m no fan of a daily diary – not enough sense of the long term for me. This is something quite different though and I would love to see the final result. As someone who did manage to see my way through an entire year of a photo-a-day (I spent a lot of time on Photoshop so it became a real labour of love) I can only begin to appreciate how much work goes into this project. I also love the way the dates have been kept as an integral part of the drawing so mapping out the diary across the year.

Any other unusual uses of a daily diary out there? Or any diary?

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