Field Notes Two Rivers

Field Notes Two Rivers

The limited edition Field Notes ‘Two Rivers’

For their next seasonal edition (number 26 for anyone who is counting) Field Notes look to have produced something quite exciting. They give us the Two Rivers edition. For this edition they have drawn on the Hamilton Manufacturing Company of Two Rivers in Wisconsin for inspiration. The were (apparently) producing much of the wood type used in US newspaper printing back in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Field Notes have gone to the Hamilton Wood Type & Printing Museum where they have gathered an amazing looking collection of machinery and printing artefacts. For me this is where it gets exciting. The wonderful short film (aren’t Field Notes films always spot on?) shows a museum as museums should be – no glass cases and touch screens, this is a hands on place. Inky rollers and proper machinery. The books are a random assortment of colours and prints and I am really looking forward to seeing them.

There’s also a nice short film from the paper manufacturer often associated with Field Notes where he makes the point that once a place like this museum has gone, so we will lose the whole process – machinery, skills and knowledge. It might not be essential in the digital age, but to keep it alive seems right.

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