Moleskine or Rhodia

What have Moleskine, Diet Coke and Fedoras have in common?

Moleskine notebooks

Hidden away somewhere in The Guardian weekend section recently was a short blast of what’s in and what’s out. Who would have thought that humble stationery would make it onto the radar of such fashion-police tactics? Well apparently Moleskine notebooks are a no-no and (drum roll call, please) it is a 5/5 grid Rhodia notebook in orange that is the flavour of the month. Now if only we had some Rhodia news coming your way soon, that news would be so convenient….

To add to the kudos that Rhodia can strut around with, apparently Guy Bourdin was a fan of them. I guess he was French but still, it’s another cult name to add to the list.

Reader Comments

  1. Didn’t see the Guardian item but wondering if Field Notes notebooks were on it? Those Field Notes ones you stock are getting awfully trendy, Dominic 🙂

    1. Hi – no, it was just a list of things that are ‘in’ or ‘out’ and Moleskine was on the out list. No mention of Field Notes yet.

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