Staff Review – MT Tape

Jo’s Choice

I have been meaning to post a review of this stuff since we first got it in a while back. Initially we had just a small selection of MT washi tape and though it ticked all the boxes for selection – unusual item, cool design, cult following, desirable – I wasn’t entirely sure what I would actually do with a roll. I had a go at covering my Moleskine diary and that looked quite nice but beyond that, well, I couldn’t really think what to do with it. After we decided to go nuclear with the range and get a large selection of designs in, I took some home to see if I could find a use for the rather puzzling little rolls. And now? Well I can honestly say that it ranks alongside kitchen roll in our house as an item that we can’t imagine doing without. What are we using it for? Everything! Everyday I find a new use for the little roll on my kitchen top.

Top of my list is labelling things; items destined for the freezer get a strip of tape on them on which you can write a description and a date. No more confusion about what the strange shaped frozen items are or how long they have been there. Previously, being an organised sort of person, I used to label items but they always seemed to fall off in the cold leaving me with a pile of neat little labels and a load of unidentifiable products. The low tack adhesive works a treat in sub-zero temperatures and the strip of tape can also keep the bag sealed. In fact the low tack adhesive is the key to the tape’s success as it can be easily removed from any surface. Thus sticking notes on doors or walls – don’t forget to take car for MOT!, – won’t result in damage to paintwork. We have used it to repair damaged bags of flour and sugar, re-seal bags of pasta and rice, tie cables together and identified our individual phone chargers and headphones. At work I use it to mark new products in catalogues and make notes about them, others here use it to make indexes in their notebooks.

Creative types embellish envelopes and cards and do cool things with presents and there are many amazing ideas on the internet. I am sadly not so creative but I am hopelessly organised and MT tape is just so insanely useful. There are lots of nice patterns available – the tapes with maps and planets on have been best sellers since we introduced them but I favour the plain tapes however as they are easy to write on, especially the lighter colours.

Prices start at £2.50. See more here.

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