Alex Steinweiss

Alex Steinweiss

Business cards with a difference

So many questions. Who is Alex Steinweiss? What links him to stationery? Thanks to the very nice people at (who we have used for business cards since we don’t need that many and they are very cool), the link is easy. Alex Steinweiss was the inventor of the album cover design. For anyone who grew up with vinyl or has delved back into that world, you’ll appreciate what an art-form this became, so we owe Alex some thanks. To mark the 75th anniversary of his first design (that would be 1940, in case you’re trying to work it out), put together a set of 50 square business cards featuring his iconic designs.

alex steinweiss

They’re not for sale, but they’re worth a mention as they look so good, especially as a set. As for the stationery link? Well, business cards are absolutely an item of stationery so job done. From album cover designs to Stationery Wednesday in one small leap.

You can view the Pinterest board here and their Facebook page here.

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