Exam Season

Exam Season

A Sort of Staff Review

The exam season is nearly upon us and all over the country, stressed teenagers in years 11 to 13 are gearing up for GCSEs, AS levels and A levels. It’s very hard as a parent to know what support to offer – should you hover over them constantly and check they are revising, disconnect the WIFI for a few months or just offer guidance and let them get on with it? Here at Bureau we don’t have the answer unfortunately but we can offer a little bit of assistance perhaps with some helpful products.

First up, they need a good reliable pen for the exams. The Stabilo Exam Grade ballpoint pen is designed with a helpful viewing window so you can see how much ink you have left together with a comfortable grip and a good even flow of ink. At £1.25 each, it’s worth investing in a few to get them through. For those needing pencils, there is a set of four HB Exam Grade pencils plus eraser and sharpener costing £2.75. Don’t forget, they must have a clear pencil case these days – we don’t have those though – sorry.

We do have the very excellent Paperways planners though and these can be a great help for students to visualise the weeks ahead. Both the Monthly Desk Pad and the Keyboard Pad can be used to show the dates of the impending exams and also to plan revision sessions. You can use different colours for the exams and the subjects to be studied and subjects can be ticked off as they progress.

paperways keyboard pad

Finally, we have the award-winning Faber Castell highlighters in yellow or pink or as a set of four colours, great for highlighting sections of revision guides and student’s notes to make key points stand out.

Obviously we can’t guarantee results here but, as a rather famous author once said, Organizing is what you do before you do something, so that when you do it, it is not all mixed up.”

The first customer able to identify the source of this quote can let us know and win a set of the products for themselves or a needy student. Please tweet your answer with the hashtag #stationerywednesday or email your answer in to dominic@bureaudirect.co.uk (update: the answer is AA Milne – the prize has now gone!)

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  1. Just a little reminder, from an Englishwoman in Scotland, that you have customers in Scotland whose children might be doing the Scottish exams (I don’t know what they are called these days). But good stationery makes any revision easier.

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