For How Long?

For How Long?

Ink and Paper

I loved this film about stationery, printing and the changing tides of demand. I say loved it, but it was a strange affection given the inherent sadness in the story. Obviously if the demand isn’t there then the business won’t survive, and if you don’t help create that demand then worrying times loom. Having runs shops and faced not dissimilar issues of dwindling traffic I can sympathise. Equally, like with the recent Field Notes posting, the loss of old technology forever will likely be regretted afterwards.

There was also a poignancy in the realisation that your opportunities to succeed in life will also dwindle as time passes and that you rely on your job not just for financial needs but also for personal satisfaction and ambition. As avenues for that ambition are closed off one by one so you need the few roads left open.

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  1. I cried watching the film Ink and Pen. I work in a technology driven environment yet all my creative ideas came from ink on paper.

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