How To Be Productive

How To Be Productive

Analogue vs digital

I came across this posting about using a notebook to improve productivity. In this case it is using a Moleskine notebook, but could apply to any notebook that suits you. It is a similar idea to the bullet journal idea but what I liked about this post was the simplicity. Writing as someone who often feels like it’s hard to see the wood from the trees and prioritise the tasks that must be done from the ones that you would like to spend your time doing, it struck a chord with me.

Ideas I’ve not come across before included logging a simple time-management to show how time was spent over the week (a nice idea if you are pulled in several directions and need to keep track of time) and the little sticker idea (which surprised me – I wouldn’t normally be intrigued by anything like this but it seemed a simple way of tracking days and how good or bad they were).

Do we all suffer from thinking we are unproductive when actually we are achieving a lot, maybe despite everything? Is it always a Tuesday that is the bad day of the week despite the cliches of Mondays and Fridays? Not sure I’ll try the sticker idea though. For some time I have been considering the idea of a bullet journal but it is too demanding for me. However there is something in these ideas that have simplified it all down in my mind. Look out for a future posting on my successful/unsuccessful attempt at a version of this.


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  1. Thanks for this Dominic. I too like the little sticker idea and may add it to my version of a bullet journal. I already use some sort of small ‘cute’ sticker to denote a day I consider successful.

    I came across the bullet journal idea a long time ago and started to use and adapt it for myself. I had too many journals associated with all the different things I do so I decided to keep everything in one place by using colour coding (Blues for general/personal, Greens for thesis/research, Purples/Violets for Art and Craft, and Browns for business. This means I can quickly identify notes/tasks related to my major activities. Instead of a monthly overview I do weekly ones and I mark pages with important notes with Post-it flags. At the back of the notebook I keep master lists of things to buy. The only place I fall down is keeping the index up to date..

    I use the A5 Leuchturm 1917 dot notebook (which I buy from you) because the pages are already numbered, it has dedicated index pages at the front (although the column headings don’t quite work) and the dots are unobtrusive but excellent guides. I think it’s fair to say I’m pretty much dependent on these journals now.

    1. I agree on the Leuchtturm dot book. That is my book of choice, albeit in Master A4 form as I use it at work and value the space.

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