Staff Pick – Lamy Scala Blueblack

Staff Pick – Lamy Scala Blueblack

Kate’s (last) choice

Dear readers….I am sad to say, this is my last ever Staff Pick. I haven’t done one for about a year anyway, but that’s beside the point. What can I say, I’ve not had time- you lot keep me busy with your orders and emails. After working at Bureau HQ for 4 years, I am leaving for the dark tunnels of the London Underground. Yes that’s right, it will be me wearing a fetching polyester uniform telling you off for standing too close to the platform edge.

When I arrived here I knew nothing about stationery at all – I used any old paper and chewed biros. Now I use Rhodia paper, Lamy pens, Faber Castell highlighters, Leuchtturm pen loops and coloured inks…And very usefully, I know if I ever get married I need to make sure that my wedding invitations will actually fit into the envelopes before having 300 of them printed. As I’ve said in previous posts, I’m not a true stationery geek, but I have acquired an appreciation for stylish stationery since being here and with that in mind, I want to tell you all about the Lamy Scala Box Set.

Blue-Black. It’s not the most enthralling way to describe a colour is it? I must say I was decidedly underwhelmed when I discovered that Lamy have called the new Special Edition Scala the ‘Blue-Black’. Frankly, considering how absolutely GORGEOUS it is, such a bland name is a travesty. It should actually be called the Special Edition ‘Deepest Sapphire Inky Jewel Midnight Galactic Pearl’. Or something like that.

I wrote about the Scala last year, because in my opinion it is one of Lamy’s most underrated designs. It’s elegant and timeless, with the classic minimalist lines that Lamy does best. It’s a solid weight which I find really satisfying to use, and it makes everyday writing feel a bit special. All in all it’s a really lovely pen. But this new Blue-Black edition is like…the original Scala’s devastatingly sexy twin brother. It’s exactly the same in terms of dimensions, with the same chrome finishes that make the Scala so smart but with a metallic glossy finish that is utterly beautiful. It’s the same metallic finish that they’ve used on the recent Studio Rubin Red (which is also lovely btw) so it’s not sparkly in a girly girl way, but it does have a subtle shimmer to it that I HEART in a big way. It’s still elegant, but it’s got a sumptuous, more expensive look to it than the plain Black edition. I want it. I actually think I’m a bit in love with it.

They’ve supplied it in a Lamy presentation gift box, with a lovely co-ordinating velvet interior, a bottle of T52 ink and a convertor. It’s the perfect present for someone who already loves fountain pens, or for someone you think might be into them if they had a really nice one to start off their collection….Or even the perfect leaving present (not sure Dominic and Jo will agree with that but I’m hinting anyway). In fact, it’s just perfect full stop. It’s Deepest Sapphire Inky Jewel Midnight Galactic Pearl- like glory will please you no end. Buy it!

See the Lamy Scala blueblack here




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  1. Dear Kate,
    I do hope that you will be suitably kitted out in your new guise as London Underground Inspectress and have Faber-Castell and Leuchtterm to hand. Perhaps even that leaving present of Deepest Sapphire Inky Jewel Midnight Galactic Pearl riding high in your breast pocket.
    I have a feeling you’ll be missed.

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