Alive and Kicking

Alive and Kicking

Who says digital will kill stationery?

I came across a this article in The Express last week about the rise of stationery. Now it doesn’t say anything of any real note, and telling a Stationery Wednesday reader that stationery is in demand is like…well, take your pick of which cliche to apply to it. However, it did do two things for me. Firstly, it it always good to put the word out about stationery in a positive light to a wider audience, reminding them that there is a world beyond the battery life on your smartphone. Secondly, it always makes me happy when facts and figures are thrown in. Now I am the world’s biggest sceptic when it comes to quoting stats, but still…if John Lewis saw a 177% rise in premium stationery sales, and if Smythson can make £2.5m profit out of the stuff, then it surely is doing well.

Pen and paper

And on the subject of stationery and stats, this article on Moleskine (warning – it is very dry) did contain a projection for the global stationery market for the years ahead, showing a projected 5% annual rise leading up to 2019. All good news if we are to continue to survive and prosper. After all, we all love stationery and some of us rely on stationery for a living! And there is always the other side to this story to remember, as a recent post highlighted so poignantly.



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