Did you know?

Did you know?

7 Stationery Facts

The mighty James Ward, he of the book Adventures in Stationery (which I am reading) and Stationery Club (at which I spent a slightly surreal evening a few years back) was at the Hay Festival. Now, he has written a book so it’s perfectly normal to appear at Hay, but I was still impressed at the thought of stationery being on the big stage. And it did look like a big stage. Anyway, his talk was mentioned in The Telegraph which looked at 7 stationery facts. Can’t argue that they are an eclectic and unusual take on stationery.

In the article there is also mention of James’ s take on the digital vs analogue debate, and the future of paper. It goes without saying that he sees a healthy if changing future for paper but another article I came across today also touched on this subject and if you plough on through the article it gets more interesting towards the end when the subject of the academic performance of students using paper vs iPads and laptops was studied. Read more about the study here, but in summary those who took notes with paper and pens were significantly better at recalling information. Quite what ‘significant’ is measured as I don’t know, but it is hardly surprising, and the point of all of this is to remind ourselves that pen and paper are an essential tool in our daily lives.

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