My Rhodia

My Rhodia

The Rhodia Ordinateur knows

We have been working on a top secret project for several months now, and in fact the origins of the project go way back to a wintery day in Paris last year. The outcome of this is that we have launched today, with just a little help from a long-forgotten post-war bit of technology called the Rhodia Ordinateur. In the rush to embrace new technology, we often discard that which does the job better – more efficient, more accurate, and more fun. It took a while to get it to plug into modern technologies like the World Wide Web, Microsoft Windows and electricity (ok, the last one was a joke). And now it is up and running, it can accurately predict (to within a 2% tolerance) the right notepad to suit your personality.


Many have taken the test and been amazed to find the very same notepad they use comes up. Others have doubted it, but always remember – the Ordinateur knows. You might think you are a No.16 black lined pad person, but if the Ordinateur says you need a No.12 dot orange pad then that’s really the one for you.

Still unsure? Take the test and find out for yourself.

Reader Comments

    1. I keep telling people – the ordinateur isn’t wrong. In fact that is a top pad which I would heartily recommend. A list-makers dream.

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