The best pencil ever?

The best pencil ever?

The Blackwing 602

We are just about to launch the Blackwing 602 pencil, and to trail the launch there are a couple of very nice videos to explain what the fuss is about. I could attempt to tell the story myself, but both of these videos do such a good job that there really is no point.

The second video, below, gives a nice persuasive history of the pencil as well. Well worth a quick watch.

Blackwing Boston Globe

Reader Comments

  1. I don’t wish to be rude… but it’s the user and not the tool – that makes a pencil great. I worked in animation, back in the nineties. The original Blackwing pencil was ‘the’ standard tool for animators. Handed out as if candy …and had been the de facto standard for decades in that industry. It’s familiar and ubiquitous ‘buttery’ though ‘dead of night’ black lines, spun over their initial blue scribbles – was seen everywhere. Although it seems just ‘anamnesis’ to it’s stalwarts, in branding this tool as anything particularly special. But maybe worth trying out … if you’re feeling nostalgic for something you’ve never tried.

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