Award Winning

Award Winning

Reader’s Award 2015

Yes, we won an award at the ECMOD 2015 industry awards last week and yes, we’re very pleased. Actually we are very pleased because a) we won an award for the third year running, and b) it was voted for by customers not judges and so it means a lot. Cheesy but true. What struck me though was how, sitting there at your table in your suit and black tie, you wait for your award to come up and even though it is ‘just’ an industry award and not exactly the Oscars or the Baftas, you still get that moment of adrenaline when it is announced.

The first year I entered us thinking we had little chance against the likes of John Lewis, but we won. Last year I had much more confidence and was actually disappointed when we didn’t win the customer service award (but did win a Best Business award). It probably was one of those Oscar moments where the camera’s watch the losers faces drop when they don’t win! And this year? Well Jo had convinced herself that someone else would win it, but I was quietly confident and even though it was a long wait – the last one of the night to be announced – we were announced. And then…well you have to weave your way through all the tables, feeling slightly light-headed from having been announced as a winner and, maybe more likely, from the champagne and wine, and then the tricky part: negotiating how to get on stage when you’ve approached from the wrong end. Somehow we managed to scale the step-up without embarrassing ourselves. And then you realise why you need to be a seasoned pro at these things – the advantage that three years gives you is to remember to give Dermot Murnaghan a team hug for the ‘winner’s photo’. Which luckily seems not to exist on the Internet so I can’t publish it here!

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