Creative Ideas

Creative Ideas

The Sketchbook Project

I have come across this project quite a bit recently, and thought about writing a short piece to highlight it. I then came across a very nice article on the project which did a far better job of explaining it than I would manage, not least because they have had first-hand experience of it. In essence, it is a combination of museum and library – people all over the world have sent in sketchbooks which are then archived, and which you can check-out as you would with a book in a library.


I’m all up for creative ideas and news ways to approach a problem. The idea of what will remain of our age in say 100 years time, when currently technology is redundant is occasionally raised, but not enough I would argue. Although this doesn’t address that issue, it is a way of collecting and archiving a snapshot of creative ideas today that might otherwise have been digitally recorded on individual machines and then lost forever.

See the article here, and visit the project itself here.

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