The Wonder of MT

The Wonder of MT

How we moved offices using MT tape

Having just had to go through the pain of moving offices, there were some highlights. The removal firm was fantastic, we did the move all according to plan and, best of all, was the discovery that MT tape was fantastically useful – before, during an after. We used in all sorts of ways to make the move easier – all those little things that add up to an easier day. And having moved, I have discovered a new use for the tape – all the spare keys are identified by tape, each one representing a different door or padlock. Having just been faced with a whole new set of keys, and not wanting to put them in a drawer and then never know which key opened which lock, I marked up each one and now will always know what each key does.

During the move we used the tape to mark items of furniture, stick notices to walls to help the removal team, bound items together and more. The beauty of washi tape is that it doesn’t mark or leave anything behind, so no time wasted trying to get tape and stickers off desks and walls, no peeling paint in your nice new offices five minutes after you’ve moved in.

All you need is a good selection of tape – we had several spare rolls lying around so it was easy but just select half a dozen rolls – colours, patterns, the more varied the better – and keep them in your drawer. Whenever you need to stick something up, bind something together or clearly identify different items, reach for a roll of tape. It will transform your life.

See our selection of MT tape here

MT tape
A selection of MT tape

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