Holiday season is upon us, so I have picked a couple of paper companions. Each one has something special to offer. When travelling you probably want to pack something portable, durable, with pockets for tickets and accessories. Here are the top products that match that criteria:

Mark’s – Storage It in A5+ or A6+
First choice is very obvious. These Storage-It notebooks were made for travelling. Each has a pocket, which is great for carrying passport and phones. Mark’s range offers several inserts, sticky notes etc…
perfect companion Mark’s ticket sticky notes

Clairefontaine – Travel Book in A4 or A5
Interesting book. Vintage on the outside, black&white pages inside. The idea is that you will put your photos/trinkets on the black page and write on the white page. This is an absolute must for those that print their photos using free apps or carry pocket ‘polaroid’ printers.
perfect companion: MT tape and Stabilo metallic gel pen.

Moleskine – Voyageur 
Perfect travel journal. Contains index tabs, so your travels can be managed in style and mixture of papers.
Lovely touch with cloth cover, 3 bookmarks (part, present, future?) and ‘I am here arrow’ for photos. Moleskine won’t short you on cool accessories, these journals come packed with stickers, perforated pages (perfect for packing list, to do lists etc). Handy back pocket for all mementos or tickets.
perfect companion: Paperways mini sticky note set

Field Notes – Expedition
Save the best for last… All of the Field Notes notebooks like to be used and abused. It doesn’t need carrying pouch, would gladly live in your coat or jeans. I have picked it because of it’s pocket size, portability, hi-vis orange cover and dot paper. ‘Paper’ is water and tear resistant which makes it The ultimate notebook aka the survivor. I carry this one in my camera bag and it has all the settings, location, timings inside. Absolute essential 🙂
perfect companion: Fisher Space Pen

We have limited stocks of the Expedition edition, so if it sells out, why not try…

Field Notes Bundle
Get a pack of the classic Field Notes notebooks with a rubber-band pen loop and a Field Notes Clic Pen.

Reader Comments

  1. +1 for the Storage.It, which would be perfect if it took notebooks in standard A5/A6 sizes!

    I carted one around with me on a couple of trips recently, and it’s a great way to keep a pen, pencil, sharpener, spare cartridge (you get the idea) with you, and only have to carry the notebook. One clever thing that many folk don’t realise is that the front pouch can store your touchscreen phone *and* allow you to operate it through the cover. There’s even a headphone slot in the pouch section. Very nifty!

    1. Absolutely:)
      I remember sitting down on the plane, sorting out my fountain pens (nib up when flying does the trick)…I couldn’t find zip-lock bag (extra protection), so they all travelled in Mark’s Storage-it 🙂 love that hack with the touch screens too!

  2. Great post thanks – some interesting products. Personally, I’m a big fan of field notes. Is there any chance you might be stocking Midori Travelers Notebooks and accessories in the future? These are another great favourite of mine (and for travelling!) and I wish I could buy them from you. Keep up the good work!

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