Thank You

Thank You

Ecmod Award Winners 2015

I know I’ve written about this already, but when we received a copy of Direct Commerce I just had to share it with you. This edition was devoted to the awards and a write-up on who won what and why. Since our award was voted for by our lovely Stationery Wednesday readers, it’s essentially a big thank you to you all because you clearly bowled them over with your comments! We were somewhat taken aback by the write-up, which was just so…well, nice. Some highlights of the write up were:

“We couldn’t help but notice how many were for Bureau Direct”

“Famous fashions brands as well as department stores…none could eclipse the number of nominations that came in for Bureau Direct”

“Stationery Wednesday is the stuff of legend”

Read the article here


Reader Comments

  1. Richly deserved. Testimony to your range, prices and the team.

    Packed with TLC is the best (MB rules).

    BD will go from strength to strength.

    Looking for my next excuse to order!

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