Lamy Vista Eye Dropper

Lamy Vista Eye Dropper


Vista eye dropper

Hi folks! How many of you own Lamy Vista? This pen is one of our best sellers. Jo loves hers dearly and it is without a doubt her favourite writer. It has been happily ‘married’ (yes, we fountain pen geeks are always on a quest to find matching pens and inks) to Stormy Grey ink for almost a year now.  Somebody asked me recently why do we sell so many Lamy Vista Rollerball barrels. It is no secret – people use them to turn their fountain pens into an eye droppers. Jo got me and Faisal one each, so we could have a go at it. Thanks Jo! 🙂


I wanted to tell you about this, because eye-dropper project is something that every fountain pen enthusiast will do at least once in their life. For normal people this means filling the entire body of the pen with ink. The usual go for pens will have a plastic body and are transparent. Any kind of metal (threads, section, etc) exposed to the ink will create a chemical reaction and damage the pen or the ink. Or both. Why do this you might ask? It makes sense. You will get: huge ink capacity and zen-like effect of ink sloshing around. To put this in numbers, ink capacity can increase up to 3 times!!! 3 cartridges vs one filling. Now you now why we had to do it…

There are other pens, that are a lot easier to convert than Lamy Vista. I did turn couple of pens into an eye-droppers just to practice before I turned this one (my blog). You see, Vista fountain pens have two ink windows & breather holes, so ink would simply leak out. Vista roller-ball pen doesn’t have an ink window 😉 Bingo! First challenge was easy. Next one is a bit tricky – filling the breather holes. Here is where Epoxy comes in. I have used 2-part clear epoxy resin. There are many threads on FPN and YouTube videos. People have used all sorts of super glues, plastic glues, but I wanted something clear and ‘invisible’.

Vista barrel sealed

I am rather happy with the way this looks 😀

tiny bubbles from epoxy glue

Here is what I used:

Lamy Vista (available here)
Lamy Vista rollerball barrell (available here)
Silicon Grease (clear 100% that you can find in hardware stores)
O-ring (7mm in, 9mm out, 1mm thick)
Epoxy Resin Glue (Devcon 5-minute Epoxy)
Food zip-lock bag (just in case)

If I can do it, you can too. Glue sets in 5 minutes, but I gave it 24 hours (just to be sure). Pen travelled in a zip-lock bag for a week. It hasn’t leaked once.

Faisal had a different approach to Jo’s challenge – he turned his Vista into an Aquarium and is currently looking for some plastic fishies 😛

Faisal's Aquarium

Thank you for reading!

Mishka (^_~) & Faisal (^_^)

Disclaimer: * Please note that  we have done this at our own risk! No pens were harmed in this process 😉

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    1. Hi Naty! Really easy hack – Faisal used a Z26 converter for ink and then added some diluted ink to the barrel. Mishka ps: removing a silver ring from converter would help 😉

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