Crash-testing ‘Rhodiarama’

Crash-testing ‘Rhodiarama’


Hi folks! Jo got couple of these Rhodiarama soft cover notebooks back in April – of course I had to test my pens to see if it’s any good. I don’t know about you, but I LOVE Rhodia paper (my inks love it too). Rhodiarama notebook comes with a soft cover – there aren’t many of those that are fountain pen friendly. Long story short – I took this notebook under my wings and gave it some hard time 🙂

And that’s how my little ‘Take me everywhere’ project was born…

Let’s start with all the important facts:

  • Extra Large Size 19x25cm
  • 160 Pages
  • 8mm Ruling (lines are grey)
  • 90gsm Ivory paper <3
  • Soft leatherette cover
  • Elastic band
  • Bookmark
  • Back pocket

There are a lot of good colours to choose from. I picked silver because of the texture, remaining colours come with plain leatherette ‘skin’. I have noticed interesting fact, that after few days of use and abuse, some bruises and dinks actually disappeared. It never got any serious cuts or scars. The healing factor comes in my opinion from the textured surface. What is also fascinating is the size. Sometimes A5 is not big enough and A4 is too big to carry around. XXL notebook was just right.

OK, introductions are over. Here comes the million dollar (£17.50 didn’t sound right) question: how did it do?

Rhodiarama performs really well outdoors – I used it as umbrella, pillow, seat, etc:) I know that Kate would approve of this notebook too because she used to raid my ‘Mary Poppins’ bag all the time. This notebook is just so handy. Slim cover feels more portable than hard cover, so I never cringed about taking it everywhere with me.

I found other good use for Rhodiarama indoors – coaster, game room accessory and paper weight are just few of them.

During my handwriting course I started carrying a lot of handwriting templates with me, also tracing paper.


Notebook still opened flat and extra paper was not noticeable at all!  I have also done a lot of ink testing, writing and again – no complaints here, Rhodia paper coating worked it’s magic. It’s smooth like butter. Please bear in mind that I cannot do calligraphy, so I’m not sure how would this paper cope with sharp dip nibs. I do have couple of Noodler’s flex pens that basically leak ink on the page 🙂 One of them has a halo effect (light green/teal) – displayed on the picture below. It wrote OK, but it did show through on the back page. It is more of ghosting than a bleed through. Can I live with that? Yes. Paper did survive ink spillage too! ink tests

So what is the verdict? I’m going to say YES! This notebook has very few flaws and I would definitely buy it again. The End.


Mishka (^_~)

ps: Rhodiarama notebooks are available from our website, links are here: A5 & XXL

and you can see the day-by-day pictures in full resolution here.

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  1. I’ve been using the large books for a few years now and ordered a few of the XXL this week, looking forward to getting them. Thanks for the great review.

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