Star Wars Trivia

Star Wars Trivia

In response to yesterday’s mini Star Wars trivia quiz, the answers to the questions posed in the Stationery Wednesday email:

1) R2D2 apparently came from a previous film George Lucas had been working on. A sound editor on American Graffiti asked for Reel 2 Dialogue Track 2 but used the abbreviated form R-2-D-2. So the story goes, George Lucas had been working on the script for Star Wars, dozed off and momentarily woke up. He heard the request, said it was a great name and then fell back asleep. And so a classic cinema character was born.

2) On Jo’s edition of Star Wars Monopoly, Yoda’s hut on Dagobah is where you would normally find Whitechapel Road. That’s the cheapest properties if you can’t quite remember.

3) An Executor Super Star Destroyer is a surprising 19,000m in length, which is 19km or nearly 12 miles in old money. What is maybe just as interesting is that Star Wars stats are quoted in metric not imperial.

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