Stationery & Fashion

Stationery & Fashion

There’s an article in The Guardian today by Jess Cartner-Morley all about the link between fashion and stationery which makes for interesting reading. I liked the story about Tom Ford and the yellow-pencil-crisis. Sadly we don’t operate such a strict rule here in the Bureau offices although it would be quite pleasing to employ such standards. It also reminds me of an event many years ago when we were invited to a fashion show (I forget who the designer was) organised by Faber Castell, and the show featured models walking around with dresses made out of pencils. Very sharp pencils if I remember right which must have posed a bit of a risk.

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  1. It is interesting, although it’s a shame the article seems to point to the use of analogue tools as fashion accessories, rather than tools that work better for some tasks than their digital equivalents. (I’m quite happy moving between a paper planner, post-its and Google Keep & calendar – they do different things for me).

    I can’t imagine restricting the analogue tools people use, personally – knowing my own preferences (and the way I know how a particular pencil shades, smudges, retains its point &c) I’d be loath to restrict other people using tools they know and enjoy in the same way.

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