This is not a review…

This is not a review…

Diamine colour wheel

This is what ‘happens’ behind the scenes working with Mishka…

This happens far too often these days. As soon as Mishka gets a whiff of a new ink I have to hide myself at my desk, burying myself under work for fear of her shrieking excitement raining down upon me. As my ears recover from the other end of the office, I peek out foolishly from behind my monitor and witness her eyes lock on to mine with unexplainable joy. Her hands pointing to an opened package on her desk which, in her mind, is some sort of long lost treasure. I bat her glare away with a mention of being occupied with real work and escape her for the rest of the day.

However, that does not stop the passive aggressive message I find perched on my keyboard the next morning. On closer inspection, to my woe, it is actually an envelope.


Inside the envelope are no further messages but instead a collection of punched tags blotched with the aforementioned ink of yesterday. I sprawl them out on my desk to see what I have been burdened with. The Diamine “shimmering inks” collection. They lay still and silent, sparkling back at me in the sharp sunlight with contempt. This needed to be dealt with before it got out of hand.

I thought the best way to handle these pests would be to tie them up and hang them. They look, dare I say, peaceful and content as they linger still and motionless.

diamine shimmerink

Reluctantly, I dragged myself and this chain gang to the photo booth for a quick shoot which would last a good length of my day. There’s just something satisfying about putting yourself through this pain which I cannot explain. Maybe I just have masochistic tendencies.

With that I’m done with this lot, Mishka gleefully takes back her little labels as I get back to my desk and attempt something more meaningful with my work day.

Faisal  (^_^)

Editorial: Faisal has done a terrific job with the photos! Mishka (^_~)


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