Time flies when you are having fun

Time flies when you are having fun

My desk - It might not look like it, but this is serious work :)


Hi folks,

can you believe that is has been one year since I started working for Bureau Direct?? Time flies so fast – especially when you are having fun. Stationery plays a big part of my life and shopping for school supplies was like a second Christmas 🙂 I have to pinch myself every time when I tell people what I do – the usual response is  “you and your stationery” 😀

My Bureau journey started with Stationery Wednesday email 🙂 That one with the job vacancy had a story about Lamy Safari, so I read it all the way through and applied right away. Unfortunately my CV got replaced by a photo of Emerald Leuchtturm with neoncoral Papelote notebook strap and 5 Lamy Safari pens. I have attached it to the email, but the app could not do more than a single attachment. Dominic replied saying something like “if job depended on your stationery dedication it would be yours, but we will go by more usual way and start with your CV.” Doh! Not a great first impression, but a funny story one year later 🙂

I prepared a sales pitch for my job interview too (Dragon’s Den style). Bureau had a lot of quirky stationery already, but if I could bring one more thing, then it would be Palomino pencil. Here we are – one year later and everybody is hooked. Each desk in the office has at least one of them – Jo especially, her Palomino pencil is so short, that it looks like a pirate peg leg!

Palomino pencils

As you can imagine I have acquired quite a few pens and inks this year – working for a dealer would do that to everyone. Going to Stationery and Pen shows helped too! If you ever have one in your town give it a go – you will meet the nicest and the kindest people 🙂

You already know all about my Handwriting course and Stationery show adventures, so I will wrap this up with the list for next year:

Start Calligraphy class

Run a workshop/get together for #fpgeeks

Visit Pelikan or J Herbin factory

Get Canon 24-70mm L lens and do some serious product photography

And of course the mission to help more people start writing with fountain pens continues…

Thank you for reading,

Mishka (^_~)

ps: thank you Faisal for the biscuit and cup of tea. Let’s do this more often 😉

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  1. Mishka, congrats on your one-year anniversary! I love reading your entries. As a fellow stationery geek (admittedly not as advanced in fountain pen studies yet!) I really enjoy your passion for the products. BureauDirect are so lucky to have you!

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