Pimp your fountain pen

Pimp your fountain pen

Make your own Lamy Vista Snow Dome

I have been meaning to have a go at making my own eye-dropper pen for a while now, ever since I worked out why we were selling so many Lamy Vista rollerball barrels from the spare parts shop. For those unfamiliar with the concept, this is where instead of a cartridge or converter, the ink is put directly in to the barrel of the pen. I had this idea of trying to make a snow globe pen where you could shake the pen and glitter would drift around in the barrel. So, in celebration of National Fountain Pen Day, I have finally done it.

Lamy Vista Snow Dome

Now whilst the pen looks very pretty I would have to be honest and say it hasn’t quite worked out as I wanted. For starters the presence of a cartridge in the barrel (it has to have one as otherwise the ink would mix with the glitter mixture) means that space is rather tight and the glitter doesn’t drift around quite as I had imagined. Actually it stays very still which is a little disappointing. Secondly, it leaks! We are still working on this and I am confident we will work out why but for the minute it is a bit leaky and if I lie it down on my desk, it leaves a tiny grey smear after a while which is pretty annoying. Home-made eye-dropper pens are always a leak risk and generally are best carried around in a small plastic bag just in case but this one clearly needs a little more work. Still, I am pleased with the way it looks and I am sure I can get it right sometime very soon.

How I made it

Firstly we sealed the bottom of the rollerball barrel with an acrylic glue as there are small holes in the end. We then added a mixture of glycerine and glitter to the barrel, approx. half full to leave room for the converter. We then put some silicon grease around the thread and added an O ring ( a small rubber band) so as to prevent any leaking (unsuccessfully) and connected it all up to the fountain pen front part with the converter in place. Obviously refilling the converter will be a messy job but that’s the price you pay for departing from the tried and tested.

If you want to have a go yourself then you can order the Lamy Vista barrels from the website here and you can buy your Lamy Vista fountain pen here. Any pictures we receive of your efforts we will post on Instagram. Please note however, we take no responsibility for any leaking – you have been warned!

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