We put a movie on a pencil, and we had a blast doing it.

We put a movie on a pencil, and we had a blast doing it.

Blackwing has done it again 🙂 Cool pencil with brilliant background – more in the article and video here:


This Sci-fi Pencil will be available very soon.

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edit: Palomino Blackwing Vol. 1138 pencils are available here

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  1. These look really good in real life too – I’ve yet to see a picture that captures them exactly right, personally, and it’s worth getting them in hand to get a proper idea of how nice they are! The silver ferrule is really smart too.

    The core is the same as the Blackwing, I think, (rather than the 602 or Pearl) so it’s pretty soft.

    1. Hi John – you are correct, these come with soft graphite – it is our first limited edition with soft lead 🙂 Very exciting!!! Take care, Mishka

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