Made for the mountains

Made for the mountains

Field Notes Snowblind Edition

Field Notes release four limited edition notebooks each year, usually timed to meet with the seasons. The latest limited edition notebook – the Snowblind Edition – therefore had a winter theme. They also like to innovate which is always a good thing as far as we are concerned, and this edition was no exception. The unique feature this time around is that the cover is UV light sensitive and so changes colour depending on where you are. The beautiful white notebook that you have in your hand inside becomes a more practical shade of blue when you venture outside. Especially useful when heading off into the mountains. Now, if only someone we knew was heading off into the snowy wilderness…

Handily Mishka was taking a few days off to head into the Slovakian mountains and so she decided to road test the Snowblind edition. After all, testing it out in the car park here in North West London really didn’t have as much impact. And here are the results.

First up is a before shot taken on the train heading up into the mountains demonstrating the stark white notebook that you first see when you open a pack.

field notes snowblind edition
Field Notes Snowblind Edition inside

Looking pretty white there. So what happens when it ventures out into the sunlight?

field notes snowblind edition outside
Field Notes Snowblind Edition outside

Pretty conclusive. No danger of dropping your book in the snow and losing it. Now it’s just a case of dealing with mountain-envy as we sit here in wet London whilst Mishka drinks mulled wine and gets to look at gorgeous snowy mountains. If you are wondering about the pen, Mishka looks like she teamed her Snowblind up with a rather nice lime green Fisher Space Pen. An appropriate choice as this can handle all conditions.

Field Notes Snowblind Edition on location

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