A New Member of the Bureau Clan

A New Member of the Bureau Clan

As a relatively new addition to the Bureau team and also a recent stationery addict, I wanted to make a quick post to introduce myself and also to talk a little bit about the stationery I have already fallen in love with. What seems to be a common tale with those that join Bureau Direct, I started to write with a fountain pen for the first time in years. I suspect it has something to do with the choice of a free pen and paper soon after starting here.

Without realising, I started with one of our most popular fountain pens, the Lamy Vista, but became one of the few to write entirely with green ink; I had to distinguish myself somehow. Since then I have amassed a small collection of notebooks, pens and pencils, but to keep things short here are my top 3 picks.


The Lamy Vista:

So good I already own two, the Vista is just a great pen all round: its affordable, stylish, comfortable and easy to use. I just loved that I could see my green ink sitting inside it. One of mine is currently filled with J Herbin’s anniversary Emerald of Chivor and being able to see the gold flecks still excites me.


The Rhodia:

Having started writing on a Clairefontaine ‘Age Bag’ pad and finding that my pen skipped for some reason, I decided to upgrade to this, the Rhodia paper that everyone kept mentioning. This is now my favourite notepad to write in, ever. Its simple design, easy to tear pages and cool retro look make it the perfect pad to write, draw or plan whatever comes to mind.


The Palomino:

A gift from the office these pencils seemed like the ultimate luxury, I just loved the story behind them and the design is amazing. These things write and draw beautifully and I think as soon as I finish my first one (which was on the house) I will have to buy myself an entire box.

The Palomino Blackwing 602

So I hope you’ll excuse a little gushing from me about some of my favourite new things. Look out for more blog posts than ever; from helpful guides and reviews to interesting stories and news, only on Stationery Wednesday.


Featured: Lamy Vista, Rhodia A5 dot pad, Palomino 602

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    1. They did feel a bit cliché but they’re all just so good.
      I’ll have to give that a try, I don’t know if I’ll even need to replace my eraser before I wear this pencil down to a stub…

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