Happy Chinese New Year

Happy Chinese New Year

happy chinese new year

London is home to some of the biggest celebrations for Chinese New Year outside of Asia, and to celebrate we thought we would come up with a rather nice way to decorate some Chinese paper lanterns. These are easy to put together and add a perfect bit of decoration to any office, home or party.

All you will need to do the very same is:
– A few rolls of washi tape
– Some paper lanterns

washi tape and lantern

To start with you have to put the paper lanterns together, they will probably come with instructions.

Pick your tapes and decide in advance how you want your pattern to look.

starting tape

I had to take my tapes out of their lovely display box as it was easier to work with them out. Just wrap the tape around one end of the lantern and draw it along to the bottom and wrap it around the rim, this will help keep it in place and stop it looking creased.

completed rainbow

A neon rainbow was my first design, but then things got a bit more adventurous.

Had a go at making the tape lines go around the lantern horizontally, this proved a lot trickier than I’d first thought, because of the curve you can’t simply wrap the washi tape around in a straight line. By using lots of smaller pieces it was definitely conceivable, but I didn’t think my rushed attempt was all that great.

rushed circular

BUT on the plus side the vertical lines worked great and so I liked the balance of the two red MT tapes from the two piece deco series (Kasuri/Honmame) as the red complemented the Chinese New Year theme and the two tapes were designed to work well with each other. I think any of the two part tape sets would look great, as well as the full sets of Masté (there were the perfect amount of colours in mine).


Voila. We’re still not certain where in the office they should live but I will definitely be making some more with different tape choices. Also to make them even better you could put lights in them to really stand out.

These are a great and easy decoration that anyone can put together either for birthdays, weddings or more, adding a little vibrancy and colour of your choice.

To have a look at the abundance of different washi tapes we have go to either our MT washi tape page, or our Masté washi tape page.

P.S. the writing at the top should say ‘Happy New Year’ in Chinese, and it is written with my favourite J. Herbin Anniversary Ink Emerald of Chivor.


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