Ink Infusion – not your ordinary ink review

Ink Infusion – not your ordinary ink review

all Lamy inks - photo by Mateusz

Hi folks,

Today I have something very special for you! Something that has been in works for a while. If you follow us on Twitter this is probably not a big news for you.

We have been secretly working with some very talented people, supplied them with our beloved stationery and now are ready to show you the results 🙂

This is the first one – Inky collaboration with our friend Mateusz 🙂 who in my opinion makes the best ink reviews. His pictures are stunning! Colour representation is always spot on and his knowledge…has to be shared.

So we have joined forces and bring you the first set of ink reviews.

I’d like to thank Mateusz for his amazing work and also to share my deep gratitude that he agreed to work with those less ‘exotic’ inks like Lamy, Monteverde and J Herbin first.

We can go on about ink all day long, so how about I’ll link you up 😉

Complete lineup of 8  currently available Lamy inks is here:

You are in for a treat…Enjoy!

Mishka  (^_~)

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