Love Letters to Strangers

Love Letters to Strangers

In a heartfelt talk given at a TED conference several years ago, Hannah Brencher the founder of a company called ‘The World Needs More Love Letters’ gave a talk about the impact of letters in her life and what inspired her to start her very unique organisation that aims to send as many letters of love to strangers in need as possible. Whilst we at Bureau Direct have been thinking a lot lately about letters, love and (of course) stationery, we found the talk to be a moving and motivating one that made us wonder why we didn’t ourselves write or receive more love letters these days.

The thought that just a simple idea that helped one person cope with a tough time in their lives could snowball into something global and heartfelt was really touching. Many people nowadays have grown up in a world where every message we send is transient, efficient and some might even say shallow, but like Hannah says ‘what if it’s not about efficiency?’. A message of love committed to paper, even to a stranger, can be more powerful than you know.

My first thought upon seeing this was that it was simply an idea that did not fit with the English temperament and our habits of avoiding all but the most vital interactions with strangers (although that may just be a characteristic of Londoners), but if by taking just a little time to engage in something as enjoyable as writing a letter can be, one could perhaps immeasurably improve the day of someone out there. When we all face tough times in our lives, isn’t it the human thing to write and communicate some positives through writing.

Let us know about times in your life where a letter or message helped you in tough time. If some of you are inspired, why not go out and write some loving notes to strangers, or simply to your loved ones that you may not have written to in a while. You never know how big a difference it could make.


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  1. The other day I came out of a business meeting that took place about 3 blocks from where my Mom used to live. The very minute I was out of there, I instantly felt the urge to come by her place to have one of those long conversations I so treasured. We used to spend countless hours chit chatting at her table, sipping coffee and eating her rather experimental food.
    A few steps afterwards it just downed on me that she had passed away just 5 months ago.
    I can’t see, feel, or hear her anymore. Letters are the only items I’ve got of her to hold.

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