Palomino Poll Result

Palomino Poll Result

Who was your favourite cartoon character?

In our recent competition to win a set of Palomino pencils we asked who your favourite cartoon character was from this list of classics, all of them originally drawn using a Blackwing pencil*. The results gave a clear winner…

Tom and Jerry – 47%

Bugs Bunny – 31%

Mickey Mouse – 22%

As someone who grew up on a diet of Tom and Jerry more than the other two I can’t argue with that one.

*For the record, Blackwing pencils ceased production in the 1990’s but have been brought back under the Palomino name. For some they won’t replace the originals (can anything ever? is that another poll for another day?) but for most they are still the best pencil you can get your hands on. Affordably.

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