Valentine’s Day Gifts for Stationery Lovers

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Stationery Lovers

We know many of you out there might shun Valentine’s day, but love it or hate it there will likely be some of you with significant others that either love stationery just as much, or that you wish loved stationery (in which case what better way to get them hooked). We’ve come up with some gift ideas that are perfect for any stationery lover:

1. J. Herbin Marbleised Glass Pens

These beautiful glass dip pens from J. Herbin are totally unique, each one is different and they work perfectly for dipping in a number of different inks. Get these with a set of J. Herbin Pick’n’Mix Mini Ink Bottles and you can change colours with just a simple rinse of the pen. Why not also get some nice paper or a writing set to go with it, so that your loved one can write beautiful letters (to you, obviously). Click here to see more.

glass pens

2. Washi Tape

Do they love cute things? Or do you want to make your Valentine’s Day card and gift wrap to stand out? With these you can go down either a more traditional Valentine’s route or you could make it your own, there are patterns and colours to suit any disposition. There are also some Masté gift cards with heart cut-outs so that you can decorate them with any tape of your choice for a great and personal Valentine’s card. Click here to see more.

Washi tape and cards

3. Vista & Anniversary Ink Compilation

This is a bundle that is sure to make any fan of fountain pens smile. The J. Herbin Anniversary Inks come in a range of colours and each one is beautifully packaged and filled with golden flecks. This bundle comes with a Lamy Vista and a converter, so that they can get started with their exciting new ink straight away. Otherwise the Anniversary Inks make great gifts just by themselves. Click here to see more.

4. Original Crown Mill Writing Set

Any fan of beautiful stationery will love  these, in either a gold or silver box for A4 or A5 these writing sets are gorgeous to look at, and there is something romantic about letter writing in itself. There are also the coloured edge sets, which (if you know their favourite colour) can make a colourful addition to someone’s collection. Click here to see more.

Crown Mill A4 & A5 Box

5. Leuchtturm Notebook

Almost everyone likes to receive notebooks, they are attractive objects that suggest possibility and creativity. The Leuchtturm notebooks are known for their quality, and you can also choose them in almost any colour you like, there’s even a gold edition for those with a taste for the decadent look. Click here to see more.

Coloured Leuchtturm stack

6. The Space Pen

An odd choice you might say, but for those of you with a slightly geeky other half, a gift like the pen that the Apollo mission used could go down a treat. Also available in a range of styles from rainbow to black titanium. Click here to see more.

space pen

So let us know, who is the bigger stationery addict in your relationship? What will you write your Valentine’s cards with?

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