Isaac’s Desk Makeover

Isaac’s Desk Makeover

Part of our idea with this months theme of ‘the desk’ was that we would finally give our desks that much needed desk makeover. Clear away all the clutter and fill it with just what we needed, and of course, some lovely stationery.

The bad and the ugly:

After a hectic weekend working at Letters Live, my desk had fallen into more than just the usual disarray, the maximum quota of one mug had been surpassed, post it notes were threatening to eclipse my computer and the piles were beginning to make my desk more like a topographical map of the lake district.


To put it bluntly, things were bad. My desk was in dire need of a makeover, so I channelled my inner Gok Wan and got to work.

I wanted mine to be light and colourful, and plenty of space for me to work, draw, make things and more. So without further ado, here is the good:

The Good:


A Closer Look


Having brought in this small jug with some dried thistles in for our Curiosity Desk I decided to keep it for my own desk, as it isn’t something that needs any looking after but adds a little something to the desk. The brightly coloured stack of Rhodia Softcover notebooks sit there waiting for a spark of creativity, but also just make a beautiful addition to any desk especially with the whole range lined up.

clip_wire Rhodia_pile

I used Mark’s Travelife Clips to keep my wires tidy and also to clip and organise the papers in my desk tray, and I allowed myself one stack of my most in use notepads, most of them are decorated with some washi tape just to help keep track of the different ones.


Now this may look like clutter, but because it’s in a ‘desktop organiser’, it’s okay. In it are an assortment of washi tapes, stamps, clips and glue a real treasure trove of stationery, with an uplifting postcard tucked in the back and some homemade washi tape flowers (easy to look after), this provides my desk with that little bit of  mess and creativity that everyone needs.

pen_holder paperways desk pad


Close to hand is my pen pot and delicious smelling Coccoina glue, whilst on my right I have the Paperways desk pad as a mouse mat and my rather stumpy Palomino to jot down notes.

Since this makeover of my desk I’ve certainly got a lot more done, and keeping it tidy is easier now with the Semikolon organisers and there’s a much more cohesive look to things which I love.


Have your own desk makeover

If you want get any of the stationery from this desk makeover for yourself, see below:

Semikolon Pen Pot

Semikolon Desktop Organiser

Semikolon Paper Tray

Semikolon Magazine File

Rhodiarama Soft Cover A5 Notebooks

Coccoina Adhesive Paste

Mark’s Travelife Clips

Palomino Blackwing 602

Masté Washi Tape Set

Typewriter Stamp and Ink Set

Paperways Hexagon Desk Pad

Paperways Sticky Keyboard Pad

Lamy Vista

Rhodia Ice White A5






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