Stationery Essentials

Stationery Essentials

Who says that stationery is dead?

We found this little gem online, a perfect demonstration of why you need stationery in your life. Even Apple, the biggest company in the world and the definition of technology today, need a paper back up it would seem.

The story is that Bruce Sewell, Apple’s top lawyer, was giving evidence at a Congress Committee using his iPad and swiping happily until it clearly failed and he hastily turned to his trusty old ring-binder for reference. What struck me was not so much that he turned to a paper copy, but that he had his paper copy at the ready. Now if Apple’s own top lawyer has to keep his paper back up to hand like that, surely that is an indication that we can’t rely on the digital age as much as we’re led to believe we should?

See the article and video on The Guardian here

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