The Curiosity Desk

The Curiosity Desk

curiosity desk

The Bureau Desk goes back in time

The Renaissance saw those with a range of interests in natural history, art and literature collect what were later called ‘cabinets of curiosity’, these were collections of objects and pictures of interest; this could range from some coral to a stuffed crocodile.

the bureau desk - mt tape

This desk is partially inspired by these collections and more recently by artists like Joseph Cornell, bringing together a few antique objects of interest to arouse one’s creativity and curiosity. A few elegant and quality bits of stationery help match the objects around them, the colours have been kept in a similar range of browns, creams and greens with touches of brass on the Palomino Blackwing pencils and the Mark’s Travelife clips to complement the gold embosses of the books.

bureaudesk_victorian150316_detail bureaudesk_victorian150316_detail04 bureaudesk_victorian150316_detail02 bureaudesk_victorian150316_detail03

A desk should be more than just a place to write emails, it should inspire, intrigue and engage you, below are all the stationery on the desk in our shop, so bring yours to life today:

Coccoina adhesive paste

Palomino Blackwings 602

Stamp and ink set

Leuchtturm master slim lined

J herbin Anniversary Ink

Cherry Graph Field Notes

Pilot Iroshizuku Ink

Paperways sticky desk pad

Mark’s Travelife clips

Original Crown Mill coloured edge writing set

J Herbin Marbleised glass pen

MT Encyclopedia washi tape



Disclaimer: no butterflies, stationery or other animals were hurt in the making of this, all the objects are antique.

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