A Boy and his Pen

A Boy and his Pen

A red Lamy Safari

How does stationery help?

Sometimes it’s easy to forget what stationery is really there for. For some it’s just a tool get things done, but for a lot of us at Bureau it’s more than that; a means of expression, a way of helping us improve our lives and just a way to brighten our daily work.

After hearing from one of our customers that her son, who is dyslexic, found that fountain pens helped him to feel more comfortable when writing as opposed to other pens, we asked him to describe why this was.

Cameron has kindly contributed the piece below together with a piece by his mum to better explain why a fountain pen works for him. Whilst everybody is an individual and one solution can’t fit all, it is always useful to see how other people have tackled any obstacles they may face. We offered Cameron a pen to say thanks and he chose a red Safari with a fine nib and black ink. It certainly brightened our day so check it out:


From Cameron:

“Fountain pens make it easier to write as it slides over the paper. It is much easier than using a normal pen like a ball point. They help me write better a lot of the time because I can write more fluently.  I like the Lamy pens as they have a good grip to write with and it stops my fingers getting covered in ink. I like the different coloured pens and the see though one looks just amazing. I like to write with black ink but I like the different coloured inks too. Fountain pens are sick as they look much better than normal pens.”
By Cameron aged 11 ½, a dyslexic”


Cameron’s Mum:

‘Cameron has autistic spectrum disorder (ASD) and is very dyslexic with his writing and reading, however his comprehension and understanding is above his peer group.  He cannot get his ideas and words onto paper; this means he gets frustrated easily when writing anything.  Cameron has tried many pens since starting senior school as he only felt happy using a pencil previously. He has found fountain pens to be the one thing that helps his writing to be more legible and he wants to write using one.

He believes that ballpoints are difficult to use and add to the frustrations of writing. He finds fountain pens easy to use, it’s the way it moves over the page he does not have to press hard to get the ink out like he feels with other pens. It allows him to think about the formation of the letters rather than what the pen is doing. I did think it was a phase but he really does find writing easier with a fountain pen. He also likes the grip on the Lamy pens, they help steady the pen in his hand and in turn helps him write.

I have used a Lamy fountain pen for years and when he wanted one I already knew they came in many different colours and that the nibs can be changed. This comes in handy if he drops it and damages the nib it can be replaced without replacing the pen. This is important if they have become attached to the pen.  With the choice of the colour of the nibs and widths he gets to design his pen.  It is typical for dyslexics and those with ASD to have low self-esteem and find it hard to control things so to be able to design their own pen is a great opportunity.

Adele, Cameron’s Mum.’


We sent Cameron his choice pen and we hope he loves it just as much as we do.

So let us know if fountain pens have helped you at all.


Reader Comments

  1. I completely agree, I have EDS-HT, which means all of my joints have problems. My hands were beginning to hurt a lot when writing, but I have found the Safari to be a big enough grip that my finger tips don’t hyperextend, which can cause pain as I write.

    The flowing of the ink on the paper means I have to exert less pressure and energy writing, which extends the amount of time that I can write and also helps me think, as there is minimal disruption between the thought and the writing.

    Unlike Cameron I still get covered in ink though, I suspect this is due to the general clumsiness that goes along with my condition!

    The herbin ink also aids to the general flow of the pen.

    1. As much as I’d rather not admit it, I often get a bit covered in ink too! I guess it’s in my haste to always try out new inks and pens…

      Great to hear that they help you as well.


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