Lamy Safari Special Edition 2016

Lamy Safari Special Edition 2016

Lamy Safari Special Editions

The 2016 Update

It’s one of my annual events – digging out last year’s article and updating it. Except that this year there will be a twist. See more at the end on that. The 2016 Lamy Safari special edition colour has long been rumoured, and then known, to be purple. In nfact its official colour is Dark Lilac but that’s purple to you and me.

This year is a slight break with tradition, in that Lamy have gone back to the old-style matt barrel with a black clip. The jury’s out on whether this is a good step or not but change is always good so for that reason alone I give it the thumbs up. And there is a matching ink, as is now the norm.

So the revised list now is…

Lamy Safari dark lilac2016 – dark lilac

lamy neonlime safari2015 – neonlime

lamy safari neoncoral2014 – neoncoral

lamy safari neonyellow2013 – neonyellow

safari apple2012 – apple

lamy safari aqua2011 – aqua

lamy safari pink2010 – pink

safari orange2009 – orange

lamy safari lime2008 – lime

lamy safari black2007 – black

lamy safari white2007 – white

safari blue red2006 (?) – blue & red


And the extra bit…?

Well, this year I thought it would be interesting to get people to share their collection of Lamy Safari special editions. Who has what? How many colours do you own? How far back does your collection go? Personally I have a 2009 orange Safari on my desk (a source of many envious glances from someone else in the office, it should be noted), but I do well remember the blue and red edition. I have also seen images of all sorts of unusual editions from unusual sources – I will put a post up on our Facebook page and hopefully we’ll get some to share our Safari’s.

Reader Comments

  1. Got my first Safari in 2013 – it was Neon Yellow 🙂 bought every LE since… I also have Apple Green, Aquamarine and would like to inherit Orange one day

  2. I love a purple pen – so many nice inks to pair it with as well (Amazing Amethyst, Pousserie De Lune, Lamy Purple…)

    It’s the first of the LE inks that seems somewhat practical too 🙂

    1. The Neon Coral ink was quite a good ink and I am very fond of the copper orange ink – still using it today – but I agree that this has to be the most useful special edition ink to date

  3. As far as special editions go, I’ve got the coveted Flame Orange from 2004 in NOS condition, the Japanese-German 150th anniversary pen (black body, yellow clip, red dot cap), the Blue and Red, Lime, Aqua, Apple Green, Neon Yellow and Neon Coral. I wasn’t that much attracted to Blue and Red or the Neon Coral, but after using them for a while, they grew on me and now I count them among my favs.
    I also own 4 limited editions Al-Stars but two of them are no longer LE: Matte Black, Bluegreen, Pearl and Coffee. The latter, the most beautiful pen of the Al-Star/ Safari lineup IMHO.

    1. Fantastic collection especially the 150th anniversary one. Any chance of a photo being posted? We’d love to see it. And the flame orange – is that the same as my one I wonder? 2004 seems long ago so maybe it’s another orange one. So many special editions!

  4. I have the matte brown one that was LE in Korea.
    Line x Lamy, but this Purple one is by far my favourite right now

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