Sian (Age 6) Reviews the Lamy ABC and Pelikan Griffix Fountain Pens

Sian (Age 6) Reviews the Lamy ABC and Pelikan Griffix Fountain Pens

Fountain Pens For Kids

A lot of people find that writing with a fountain pen helps to improve their handwriting, and getting children started early can help a lot. A number of schools still require the use of fountain pens after a certain age, and although at first it might force kids to write a little slower, as they become more proficient they can develop the skills to write quickly and more tidily with a fountain pen than they could with a pencil or ballpoint.

The Pelikan Griffix and the Lamy ABC fountain pens were both designed specifically for children of primary school age (although we know a number of adults that use them) and so we gave one of each pen to Sian (age 6), who is the daughter of our newest member of the Bureau team: Monica.

Here’s what she had to say about each pen:


Sian’s Review

“I would pick the Pelikan Griffix 4 Fountain Pen first because I like the colours of the handprints on the ink cartridge and I like the smiley faces. The pen is also my favourite colour.

The Lamy ABC Fountain Pen is the best to write with because it feels nicer to hold and I like how it writes. But I also like that the Pelikan Griffix Fountain Pen tells you where to put your fingers.”

Sian thoroughly tests the Griffix
Sian thoroughly tests the Griffix

The Parent

“As a parent I would have agreed with Sian’s first choice based upon looks as it’s appearance is definitely more eye-catching than the Lamy ABC Fountain Pen. Although I liked the idea of the ergonomic grip zone on the Pelikan Griffix 4 Fountain Pen to enable her to learn how to correctly hold the pen, Sian felt the Lamy ABC Fountain Pen was nicer and more comfortable to hold, though she did keep holding it incorrectly! I also agree with her choice of pen based on use as the pen feels smoother than the Pelikan Griffix 4 Fountain Pen when writing. Both pens are great value for money and it is worth paying the extra on the Pelikan Griffix 4 Fountain Pen solely for the purpose of the ergonomic grip zone.”

If you would like to introduce your child to the wonderful world of fountain pens:

Click here for the Pelikan Griffix

Click here for the Lamy ABC


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