Monteverde Ink Review – Inkfusion #2

Monteverde Ink Review – Inkfusion #2

Hi folks,

Our collaboration with Mateusz continues 🙂

Mateusz has been working hard and testing the entire line-up of 11 Monteverde inks. It is an interesting exposure of inks which we have in the house, but not many people know about. Monteverde inks come in cartridges which fit Lamy fountain pens and also any other pen which can take long International cartridges. Lamy end is wider and is also colour coded. International standard end is on the other side 🙂 We do use a lot of these in the office – Faisal’s favourites are Green and Purple. Mine are Turquoise and Brown. I had a go with Burgundy after seeing the amazing ink splashes in water <3

Click on each colour to see full review and those amazing photos that Mateusz takes here:

monteverde ink review by Mateusz

There are 2 unusual colours which are not suitable for everyday writing 🙂 but look amazing under UV light and work well as ink for underlining. Fantastic shots of the Monteverde fluorescent inks are here:

monteverde flourescent ink review

Enjoy, Mishka (^_~)

The Monteverde inks reviewed are available here for purchase at £2.75 for a pack of 5 cartridges. (Correct at time of writing)

Reader Comments

  1. I didn’t know about those fluorescent colours – the perfect partner for last year’s Neon Lime Safari LE, maybe… 😉

    I have bottles of Monteverde Burgundy and Pink in my collection – both nice colours, although the ink “feels” oddly watery in use. It does work nicely in pens that are prone to drying up, ime.

    1. Hi John,
      that’s right 🙂 Neon Lime and these two fluorescent inks belong in the same category – highlighters/underliners. Not great for normal writing, but work well if you prefer using fountain pens for everything…

      Take care,


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