Lamy 2000: Holy Grail Fountain Pen

Lamy 2000: Holy Grail Fountain Pen

Lamy 2000


Find out more about the iconic Lamy 2000 pen

Hi folks,

you know that I love talking about fountain pens, so when Dominic announced this month’s theme I jumped at the chance to talk about THAT ONE PEN 🙂

When got into this fountain pen hobby I started with Lamy Safari pens, Al-stars and few Jinhaos. My collection grew exponentially in first couple of months 🙂 New pens are my favourite pens, so naturally I was always looking out for the next pen.

Lamy 2000 was my first ‘serious’ pen. First pen over £100 with gold nib – it was a birthday present from my parents. As soon as I started doing the research about the pen I wanted one 🙂 What’s so special about it?

Youtube, Fountain Pen Network and reviews mention words like: iconic, flagship, Holy Grail pen, etc…

Flagship pen is the most recognizable, the significant one. Iconic means that it stands the test of time, remains popular and is still trending.

Can you believe that this pen (design) will be 50 years old this year?! To celebrate the big 5-0 Lamy have announced that there will be a special edition 2000 in September. We don’t have any details on colour or finish, so my guess is as good as yours. Perhaps a golden one? Or see through? How about Laser Orange? Purple? Another Green ??? 😀

BTW there is a Stainless steel version of the pen – I had a chance to handle the pen (perks of the job). It felt substantial, very well balanced in hand and not as heavy as I thought.

My Lamy 2000 is now 2 years old and it has lived up to all the hype. I have it in handmade faux-leather sleeve and it has been inked the entire time. Kate dropped it once (I know, right?!), but luckily there are no marks on it 🙂 Piston turns smoothly and it holds good amount of ink. Stormy Grey (grey+gold) ink has been married to this pen for a good year. Recently I swapped for Diamine Night Sky because it has silver particles and matches the pen 100%.

Long story short, I love using this pen – it is one of my all time favourites. Going back to Youtube and reviews game me an idea for this blog post. This pen is what people love talking about, so I reached out to our friends who have Lamy 2000 and asked them what is it about the pen that makes it special. Here are their thoughts…


Mishka (^_~)

“The Lamy 2000 fountain pen is a timeless design icon. Whether you like it or not, a pen that has remained largely unchanged over fifty years is pretty solid. Not only that, it packs a punch – a range of gold nib options, a piston-filler, and a pretty comfortable writer that can easily stand up to being a daily user, all at a relatively affordable price – that’s hard to beat.”
Gourmet Pens + SBRE Brown

“Love the era of Bauhaus and Braun design from where this pen comes from. Because of it’s ageless design it still feels fresh after 50 years”
Attila from Hungary

“I just wanted a ‘next level’ pen, and the 2000 with it’s iconic design and high praise made me want it”
Victor from Norway

“I’m finding the 2000 all I hoped it would be. The build quality is – well – German! I find it a wet writer and very smooth.”
John from France

“I consider the 2000 to be a design classic, this bought me to select the pen initially. However, beyond its elegant Bauhaus lines, what cannot be known until it is in hand, is the subtle texture of the barrel, the polished patina it acquires after years of use,  the smooth writing nib, and the little smile it brings with every use.”
Chris from United Kingdom

“I bought my Lamy 2000 in order to encourage myself to write more (I am attending a writing course). I thought if I have a beautiful pen I will enjoy the physicality of actually putting ink on the page, not just the cerebral, thinking part of writing. 

The Lamy 2000 is just wonderful to write with. It is so smooth it’s delicious, and the nib is just lovely, very nicely shaped. I went for the medium nib and it writes really well. I wondered if I would find it too big but its brilliant, quite wet but very controllable with a lovely ink flow. My other Lamy pens are also fantastic (two Safaris and a stainless steel Studio) but the 2000 is the best. It is beautiful to hold and to look at – absolutely superb design. I love the fact that it has been in production for so long yet changed very little. To me that is the mark of good, classic design (just like the old red telephone boxes, London buses and VW Beetles!!) 

The black makrolon is very striking next to the silver hood and the pen feels very nice in your fingers – one review that I read online described it as being like the smoothness of a pebble – and that is exactly how it feels. I also read that, over time, it will gradually gain a smoother patina through being used, and I like this very much, since it gains its own character. When I bought it (from Bureau Direct) Mishka said it was the kind of pen that would become an heirloom. I can quite understand why. It is one of my very favourite possessions and I feel very lucky to have it and I use it everyday.”
Haidee from United Kingdom

Neil Gaiman didn’t get back to me…but he did tweet that “Lamy 2000 is a glorious pen.” 🙂

Click here to see the Lamy 2000 fountain pen

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